Here’s my mini-review of the cooking show “Seasonings with Dede Wilson.”

The episode I watched was “A Dinner for Martin Luther King Day.” It had some pretty decent looking southern food on it. Dede wasn’t actually doing the cooking- Joyce White, her guest, was. There were also two other women on the program- someone to talk about wine, and someone to talk about decorating. Now, I understand that the title of “the next Martha Stewart” is very appealing, but don’t make your show too busy.

My main problem was that the amounts of things weren’t given. The guest, Joyce, made an orange buttermilk pie that looked pretty tasty, but I have no idea at the amounts of the ingredients. If I paused the show, it looked three egg yolks… maybe. I’m guessing that was a cup of sugar? That was really annoying. The website for the show only has selected recipes. Damn it, I just want to make that pie.

(Yeah, this is a post from the Television Without Pity forums that I wrote earlier today. I was hoping someone would respond with a link to the recipe. No luck so far.)

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