Hey all. Feeling all better now. Yay! I haven’t really been cooking, though. On Saturday night I was over at Jon and Ryan’s, and Sunday and Monday I was in Mountain View. Oh, and I guess Tuesday, too, since D&D is tonight. We haven’t played in, like, a month. I’ve been reading cookbooks, does that count?

Ooh, I have something to add. I’m bringing the spicy bean dip tonight to D&D (which reminds me, I need to leave early so I can stop by a store and get tortilla chips), and WOW is that awesome to make with a Kitchenaid. It blends the cream cheese so well! And I used the Cuisinart to shred the cheese. That also was very cool, using one of the disc attachments. Except now I have things to wash. Eh, whatever.

I didn’t have sour cream, so I used plain yogurt. I tried it, it doesn’t taste weird. Oh, crap, I didn’t put in quite a teaspoon of cayenne, now that I look at the recipe. This is why I should never try to do things by memory.

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