I know I haven’t talked about her in a while, so just to let you all know, I still can’t stand Sandra Lee. Ugh. Her latest show, “Comfort Food II” made me want to vomit.

On to lighter subjects. I’m not sure if I mentioned that the Semi-Homemade thread on Television Without Pity was expanded into a whole forum, but it was. It’s pretty rare for a show that isn’t and was never recapped to get its own forum. The only other ones in recent history were Queer Eye for the Straight Guy and Friends, and those have both been taken back down to a single thread.

Food Network personalities have been doing a bunch of appearances lately. InnerCanuck went to an Alton Brown book signing where Sandra Lee was mentioned briefly, to amusing results. Another member, thelifestylist (who trademarked that title a long time ago, and has been in a bunch of legal proceedings over Sandra’s appropriation of it), went to an event of Sandra’s at St. Anthony’s Hospital in Oklahoma City, where, amazingly, they had asked her to make low-fat and heart-healthy dishes… ooooookay. Anyway, read her descriptions of the event here, here, and here.

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