So, I haven’t actually made this soup yet, but I know it’s good. Ryan makes it sometimes. It is the soup I was talking about here. It looks pretty easy. I should make it. We were talking about how it’d probably be good with a garnish of the roasted cauliflower, as well.

I was talking to Lydia last night and we decided that since there’s a song on the soundtrack called “Katamari on the Rocks,” that there should be a drink called that, too. (It’s the main theme song, in case you didn’t know. “Don’t worry, do your best! Waaa! Nanana nanana nana nanana nanana nana! Picnic kibun feel so good!” Etc.) It would be kind of a presentation drink, because there’d have to be a good deal of planning to make it. Different colored, possibly different flavored icecubes, made and then sort of melted into each other and refrozen to make kind of a ball. We talked about alcohol icecubes, but those wouldn’t freeze totally solid. Maybe that would help, I don’t know. Possibly some bright green liquor to symbolize the Dashing Prince, I guess that would be midori, but that’s terribly sweet, so we’d have to cut it with something. I don’t know. The melting ice cubes would muck up the color eventually. Hm. Work in progress.

(I may be editing this post a little later depending on whether I got those lyrics right. “Katamari” might be “Don’t worry”, but I don’t have the actual album, so I can’t check.) (Checked the lyrics- it IS “Don’t worry,” surprisingly enough!)

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