I need to learn to leave my parents’ computer alone. I always try to do something to it to make it work better and it ends up being a Problem for people. Like today, I was over at their house doing laundry and turned on the monitor to check my email. There was an error message from the defragmenter saying it couldn’t do its thing. So I tried starting it again- same message. I decide that it’d be a good thing to restart the computer in safe mode. Now I’ve screwed things up for my mom because the print server’s not working with the PC offline. I run the defragmenter again. It tells me there’s a bad section of the disk and I need to run the ScanDisk in “Thorough” mode, which takes FOREVER. Then the defragmenter will be running another FOREVER. But in the end, things should be better! I think! I hope! I’m sorry, Dad. I won’t mess with your computer again. I only meant the best.

Argh, I can’t seem to get this to look right! Why isn’t there a space between my text and the link/comments line?

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