Whoops. I had dinner over at Jon and Ryan’s tonight. I made the Apple-Rutabaga Soup and Jon made tacos. They really didn’t go together, but whatever. Anyway, I got home just now and was unpacking the rest of my groceries when I… took out a bag of apples. Yeah, I forgot to put them in. Damn it. Sometimes I’m really dumb. The soup was still tasty.

I had a weird dream last night. About Sandra Lee. I was sitting at a computer in a library, and I found all these horrible modeling pictures of her- there was one where her hair was all crimped and fro’d out and she was wearing some bizarre plaid thing. Anyway, I was chortling and copying down the web addresses so I could post them somewhere (probably here) and also writing myself some notes on a piece of scrap paper. Anyway, Sandra herself was about twenty feet to my right, heard my giggles, recognized me, came over, and picked up the piece of paper. I immediately tried to talk my way out of it and snatched the piece of paper back from her. She was glaring at me and decided we were going to a restaurant that made dishes a la Semi-Homemade. (Ew.) She goes back to her terminal and gets her stuff, including a small hatchet which she puts in her handbag. We then exit to a garage. She has a Mercedes sedan, metallic tan, with either a sun or moonroof. There’s a Tivo sticker on it. Her license plate and side mirrors have AOL decals on them. She starts the car before unlocking the doors so I can get in (I hate it when people do that). And then my alarm went off. So at least I didn’t have to go to this Semi-Homemade restaurant OR get chopped up into bitty pieces by Sandra’s hatchet.

Keckler updated The Grub Report with a new article about work, Sandra Lee, and a restaurant in San Francisco called Suppenküche which sounds REALLY good. Anyone up for a trip to the city for German food?

I think I got the job at Stanford. Eeeeeee! (No, Sarah! No celebration until there’s paperwork in front of you!)

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