I don’t mean to harp on about this… actually, I think I do. Anyway, I’m watching this morning’s new Sandra Lee. She’s making what she calls a “crepe omelet.” First off, not crepes. She’s using flour tortillas (who knew you could substitute one for the other?). Secondly, not an omelet. It’s a scramble. Basically, what she’s making is a breakfast burrito. That’s fine. Scrambled eggs and ham in a tortilla? I can get on board for that. However, she decides, of course, to go the extra gross step and makes a sauce for the dish out of store-bought guacamole that she’s pushed through a fine-mesh sieve (just to make absolutely sure it looks like something babies spew) and to which she added heavy cream. Ew, ew, EW. Always have to go that extra disgusting step, don’t you, Sandy? Leave well enough alone. And call things by their right names.

Oh, I shouldn’t blog while watching the show. “Quick water”? What the hell is that?

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