And now, links.

Japanese Katamari Damacy commercial (bottom link). It’s for the first game, and you’ve probably already seen it. I don’t care. Download it again! It made me laugh a lot.

MST3K on Cheap Seats (bottom link, “Creative Breaking Championships/K-1 Fighting”). Cheap Seats is a show on ESPN Classic that, unfortunately, kind of sucks (which is very sad to me, because I have enjoyed the Sklar brothers’ stand-up in the past). They’re having Mike Nelson, Kevin Murphy, and Bill Corbett on as guests, which is awesome, although it doesn’t negate the fact that the show isn’t all that good. I do like the episode description, though. “Cheap Seats also welcomes a few very special guests to the show to give some commentary of their own. It’s a mystery that is grounded in science but full of theater. ” This is just a preview, I’m going to watch the episode over at Jon and Ryan’s because I don’t get ESPN Classic. I hope it’s good.

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