All right. I’ve got a couple more Katamari Damacy cosplay pictures to share.

The Dashing Near-Sighted Prince. Props to him for getting the bottom of the tunic right. The head’s not great, though. As I’ve said before, you run into problems if you show your neck.

Another Prince. The colors are right, which is really nice. People usually get the leg color wrong. However, the hole in the head is far too small. Seriously, I’d feel mega-claustrophobic in that thing. (Hopefully, I won’t have that problem with my head. Hopehopehope.)

Kuro! This lass is going to be wearing this costume to Fanime, same as me. So Lydia and I have to make sure our costumes are better than hers. It’s going to be tough! The head’s not exactly right yet, it’s missing the pointy red accent strips, but she says she’s got more additions to it. The bottom of the tunic needs the hoop (or whatever) in it to make it stand out more, and the gloves shouldn’t be gloves but more like mittens. It’s very good, though. I’m mega-nitpicking it since I’m going as the same character.

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