Okay, I’ve actually written out the recipe for the Murgh Dehin. I finished it for lunch yesterday. I have more Indian leftovers today, but these are from an actual restaurant, not stuff I made. On Saturday, Rob, Jeremy, Carolyn, and I went down to the South Jo’ to visit Val and Grant. They have a lovely house. And a great kitchen. I want their stove. We got take out from a local Indian place. Mm, tasty. And then we played a game called Bang! in which a dumb mistake I made caused Jer (the sheriff) and I (the deputy) to lose and the outlaws to win. It was still a lot of fun. Val, Grant, and I had never played before, so it wasn’t like a situation where you feel dumb because you’re the only one who doesn’t know how to add up damage on a crit. Er, or something. (I know now!)

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