This won’t interest you. I’m talking about D&D and cartoons.

Damn you, Jeremy! Our illustrious DM put some major hurt on us last night. Oh, we all survived, yes, but my GOD did we lose a lot of money. He pulled out an oldie-but-goodie, the rust monster. Cooper and Mynnyd tried to kill it as fast as possible, but we still lost a set of +4 full plate (Cooper) and a +3 animated shield (Mynnyd). This was our second battle of the night. In the first, Merreck conjured a red dragon to fight a yuan-ti dragon (AKA ssvaklor). It was grappling Cooper, and Merreck had his dragon breath fire on the two of them, Cooper being fairly certain he could take the damage. Yes, he could take the damage, no problem. However, he critically failed his reflex save and lost his +5 cloak of resistence to the flames. So, let’s see. Mynnyd’s shield was 25,170 gold pieces. Cooper’s armor was 17,650 gp, and his cloak was 25,000. Damn. Thankfully, we had enough other stuff back in town so we could sort of protect ourselves. The party has a +2 large steel shield that Mynnyd can use, although it means he has to go back to using his dwarven waraxe one-handed. No problem, he’s got the feat that allows that, I’ll just miss adding strength and a half to his damage. We had some +1 dwarven full plate of nimbleness from Mynnyd’s late uncle that Cooper could use, and through some switching around of party gear, he wound up with a +4 cloak of resistance. What I’m saying is this hurt us, a lot, and now Rob and I really need to be thinking about money.

And I’m a moron for forgetting that Mynnyd had a potion of fly on him.

I brought a bottle of Bawls to the game last night. Hee! Bawls. It’s got a lovely blue bottle and is apparently hyper-caffeinated. I didn’t really feel the effects. I’m sure the D&D Fellows will say, “Sarah, we saw you shaking, you were affected.” But I always shake. It was too sweet for me. I think, if I were to drink it again, I’d prefer the sugar-free. Unfortunately, the sugar-free comes in a clear bottle. Not as pretty.

I recently added Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends to my season pass list. I would highly recommend the opening sequence to everyone. The show sometimes isn’t great, but I love the opening theme and animation. The theme song features a slightly out-of-tune piano and kazoos. It’s pretty awesome. I quite like Wilt (a tall, basketball-playing imaginary friend voiced by Phil LaMarr) and Eduardo (who looks like he stepped out of the pages of Where the Wild Things Are). The music just kills me. Kazoos. Brilliant.

International Channel (which has the same annoying habit as Disney Channel not to have a “The” in front of its name) has recently changed to the all-Asian network, AZN Channel. Not much better a name choice, in my opinion. However, they’re showing more anime now, so I say yay. I would just like to give massive props to the person who decided that they should broadcast Descendants of Darkness (Yami no Matsuei). You’ve got balls, man. Yes, it’s the dub, which means Muraki sounds like the villain of a Hammer Horror flick, and Hisoka sounds far too old, and wow, they made Watari British. Usually dubbers make the person from Osaka speak… more roughly, not more refined-ly. Anyway. There’s some blood in Descendants of Darkness, which I guess will appeal to people, there are people fighting demons, but the best description I can find for the show comes from the forums at Television Without Pity, where one poster described it as, “I Love My Dead Gay Bureaucrats.” You’ve got these guys who work as shinigami (gods of death) for the Ministry of Hades (argh, these half-assed translations aren’t pleasing me), kicking ass and taking souls for the good of Japan. With unresolved sexual tension. And a mad-scientist villain (Muraki) who is very interested in the protagonist (Tsuzuki) for… um, not just research.

Anyway, I just find it fascinating that in the current climate of America, AZN Channel decides to show shounen-ai. What’s next? Cartoon Network running Gravitation? Sure, that’d make the yaoi fangirls happy. Not me, though. I thought it was an annoying series. Really wanted to like it, but didn’t.

Yeah, food.

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