Finally, it’s over. Jer’s campaign ended last night at about 12:30am. It took us, I think, six months to get through it all. And I’m still puzzled about a lot of it. Merreck died again, Mynnyd was unable to get to the battle again, (damn you, Bigby’s Interposing Hand!) Cooper almost died three times, and Sagittarius… well, I guess he didn’t do anything “again,” but he was very impressive using jillions and jillions of arrows. Oh, maybe he almost killed himself disabling a trap again. Anyway, we’re done. We saved Manifest. Woo, us. And we all lived happily ever after. (Apparently. Although according to Jer’s epilogue, Mynnyd and Merreck take off together to find dragons and explore the land where Mynnyd’s clan lived. I just can’t see a barbarian and a wizard getting along all that well. Mynnyd would have to take a level of ranger, or something, because Merreck often needs healing. [A barbarian can’t wield a wand, but a ranger can.])

Next week, we’re going to roll up our Arcana Unearthed characters for Scott’s campaign. I’m interested in being a Verrik witch, but we’ll see.

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