Mm. There’s few things nicer than a slice of toasted homemade bread with some special Hawaii honey. Thank, Lydia! See pictures from her awesome vacation on her blog here.

I can make Alton’s bread in a day if I mix the yeast/honey/flour/water starter before work and stick it in the fridge. The loaf ends up finished at around 10 or 11pm.

So, one of the perks with my new job is that I can ride the train for free. Woohoo! It’s a seven-minute train ride followed by a 20-minute walk, or a less time-consuming free shuttle. But it’s a nice walk. And yay, exercise/fresh air/blah. If I had a bike, I’d be unstoppable. I could take the train up to Redwood City and tear up the two miles to my brother’s house.

I need to finish typing up the damn chicken parmesan recipe. If anything, it’ll mean I can stop lugging around this big heavy cookbook. “Sarah, why don’t you just photocopy the pages?” Well then, where would my impetus go? If I would just do it… argh. Today at lunch. (Okay, it’s up.)

D&D tonight.

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