Happy birthday to Sara! I hope your laptop ends up okay. I know the pain of their spontaneous deaths.

Maybe it’s happy birthday to Noah, as well.

Rolled up characters on Wednesday night. I’m going to be a wood witch (human, female, middle-aged if Scott will let me), which means I take care of the healing in the party. The problem I have with witches in Arcana Unearthed is that they get their witchery too slowly. I have to wait until level five to get something else that’s useful? By then I might be taking on a prestige class! Probably. I mean, if I survive. I’ve only got eleven hit points. Oh wait, that’s wrong. I need to get third-level spells before I move in that direction… that’s like, level seven or nine or something. I don’t have my book with me currently. Well, it’s out in my car (yeah, I drove today- going shopping after work), but it’s cold out there. My heater turned on yesterday morning. That’s ridiculous. It was set under 60. That is too cold for April in California.

I haven’t cooked since I made bread on Tuesday. I’ve been all busy and stuff. It’s lame.

Rob sent me a recipe for lemonade last week. I didn’t post it because I haven’t made it yet. So Val, Grant, if you want to give me a crapload of lemons, I wouldn’t say no. I made reasonably decent guacamole with your avocados on Wednesday. We were missing chiles, but I still liked it.

Jer and I got into a bit of an argument of what a ricer is. I was mashing up the avocados with a potato masher when he called it a ricer. I said that a ricer is the device that looks like a huge garlic press and that what I was using was only called a potato masher. He says “ricer” applies to both things. I wonder if I’m wrong.

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