Well, we certainly were productive this weekend. I made three recipes. One was quite good, one was decent, and the last was weird and strange. All had lentils as their main ingredient. It was a weekend of lentils.

Lydia and I made a lot of headway on our Katamari costumes. Unfortunately, we need to go to Joanne’s AGAIN, because now we’re out of red material. Sometimes we don’t estimate things well. My dress/tunic-thing is done, my gloves are done, and I’m making Kuro’s head accents. We still need to cover the head, but we are so on track to finish it next weekend. Look at us, completing things well in advance of our deadline! And now that Lydia’s done some trial-and-error on my Kuro costume, her Prince will take no time at all. Probably.

I finished my scarf! After only… ten weeks or so. I started it on February 13th. Yay, my scarf!

I need to make rice tonight. All the food I have prepared (which is really not much) needs to be eaten with rice. My kitchen’s a mess. I need to clean it so I can cook and make a mess of it again.

Enjoy the soup. It was good. I only wish there had been more!

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