Costume update!

Lydia took some very goofy pictures of me in my not-yet-finished costume. I sent one out to Jon, Ryan, Rob, and Jer, who all agreed that a) we were freaks, and b) that it will be awesome. Rob even photoshopped me into a Warhol-ish kind of thing.

During lunch today, I sprayed bowls with aerosol adhesive and stuck batting to them. Later today or tomorrow, I will be cutting the batting and respraying them bowls to get the batting to conform more the the curves of the bowl. I still need to secure the red flannel to the head accents (shouldn’t take too long) and cover the head tube with black flannel (this scares me).

I made another loaf of bread last night. It took me five hours. It should take between five and six hours, start to finish. It’s awesome how much better I am at slashing loaves now. It looks fairly attractive. Very different from my tumor-bread. I’m thinking about bringing the new loaf over to Jon and Ryan’s tomorrow. Jon hasn’t tried my bread yet. Ryan thought it was pretty good. The recipe up is with Alton’s ingredients (well, mine has more salt), and my own instructions.

D&D tonight.

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