God, every time I feel like I have to write a “blah blah, I am lame, I don’t have anything to say, but I feel I need to write something” post, I should just go over to the eGullet Food Media & News message board and read. Then I’ll have something to talk about.

Like the Observer thing, and now this.

Check out the prettypretty cast for the new FOX series based on Anthony Bourdain’s best-selling book, Kitchen Confidential. That guy from Alias is playing Tony… er, “Jack” Bourdain (because there aren’t enough main characters named “Jack” on TV nowadays [24, Lost, Alias, Will & Grace, what’s one more?]). And there’s that guy from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, that guy from Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle, and one of the kids from Freaks and Geeks. And some blonde chicks with prominent boobs. Hm, I may just be blind, but do you see anyone from South America in that cast? Where are the multiple burn scars? Come on!

Here’s a little more on the show itself.

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