Well, it’s nice to know that I have three things done from the Observer’s Top 50 Things Every Foodie Should Do. The three easiest and cheapest ones- dismember a chicken, bake bread, and make toast from decent bread. I’ve almost done #19- I’ve had a bellini in Venice, but not at Harry’s Bar. Same with #17. I’ve gotten pretty decent gelato in Italy, but not in Sicily (and it wasn’t great, so it probably wouldn’t count, anyway). Also, I feel that #22 is a bit jerkish, calling our California asparagus “thick ‘porn-star’… spears.” Yes, there is a lot of it that is too thick. However, there’s still a good deal that’s wee and wonderful. I’ve had wonderful duck (#38), but my father made it. I’ve had both good and disappointing duck out, but the Thanksgiving my dad made duck was the best I’ve ever had. I’ve actually never grilled a steak (#35).

Yeah, the whole thing’s pretty snobby, but whatever, it’s still interesting.

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