I made two bread recipes last night, but I’m not posting them yet because I haven’t tried them. I’ve got a slice of one in my backpack, and the other loaf is supposed to get better after a few days of resting. I may try it tonight, though. The two I made were French Herb Bread and Pain d’Épices (Spice Bread). I meant to make only a half recipe of the herb bread. I put half of all the ingredients in the mixing bowl, and then… I added enough water for an entire recipe. And you can’t undo that. So it may very well suck. I yelled at myself and then ran around my kitchen (kind of a feat, considering how tiny my kitchen is) adding the other half of the ingredients. It was so dumb. Seriously. And now I have two huge loaves of this bread. I hope it’s edible.

The Pain d’Épices called for some anise, which I like, but Lydia hates, and since I’m bringing this to Fanime for us to snack on, I left it out. I added some cardamom instead. It’s a quick bread. I should have used the smaller of the loaf pans that Ryan so generously let me borrow.

I’ll be trying the herb bread soon. I’ll let you know how it is.

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