My house is awash in bread. I am downright stunned at how much I was able to make this week. I have five loaves of bread, the last dough rising in the fridge, a recipe’s worth of pfeffernussen, and the thought,”Well, I still could make chocolate chip cookies.” I’m not sure I’ll get around to it, though. Lydia and I are going to be crazymad busy anyway.

Hookslide concert tonight! Fifth anniversary show! Yay!

I’ll post the recipes soon. Probably when I’m escaping to our hotel room to get away from the masses of NERDS. Which reminds me of the other time I was at Fanime, in 1999. I ended up skipping some stuff so I could go back to my room and watch Red Dwarf. KTEH was showing four episodes of the seventh or eighth series I hadn’t seen (and which, in retrospect, I probably would have been better off not seeing, since they kinda blew). It’s just trading one geekdom for another. Then and now, how far I’ve come.

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