Ugh, bad week. No cooking apart from my fava failure. Drove to work all five days (the train, trying to make up for last week, was two minutes early on Wednesday morning, so I missed it). Ate lunch out all five days (Good Earth Cafe, Baja Fresh, Simply Sandwiches, Izzy’s Bagels, McDonald’s). Sometimes in the middle of the night on Wednesday, I woke up with a giant cramp in my right calf. That sucked. On the plus side, I finally put together my DDR pad on Tuesday. Played on Thursday and Friday. Looked like a huge dork. Passed the light difficult easily, failed the standard difficulty easily. Sweat a lot.

Wednesday was D&D, and my character Jessa was not at all useless. She did get herself bitten by a lot of dire rats, but thankfully made all the saves, so no more filfth fever, yay! And then later Jessa got herself stuck with a whole lot of arrows after she was all, “Oh, look at the pack of bandits carrying a torch. Let me ignite it and BLOW YOU ALL UP.” Except they were only wounded, and wounded bandits carrying bows can get revenge quickly. Billi (Rob’s loresong quickling unfettered) shot two of them dead, and the others ran away. So, with two hit points left, Jessa was able to sing herself back to health. Wooooooo.

Tomorrow is Parents’ Day for Sarah and Jon. We’re having brunch. Jon and I are planning on making some lovely food for them. I’m not letting on anything more, since they read my blog, and I want it to be a surprise.

And with this post, the only decent recipe I’ve made recently is dropping off the front page. Ugh.

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