Guh… yeah, I’m a wee bit hungover. Oh, too much of a life this weekend! On Friday, Cameron (one of my D&D boys) had a party celebrating his successful defense of his thesis. Huzzah! Lad’s going to have a Ph.D in economics. Because I know it is of utmost importance to everyone, I wore my very cute katamari t-shirt. Lydia made it for me. It’s pink and says “Someday my prince will come for me (rolling)” in the Namco font. It’s really cute. I’d offer a link to a picture, but apparently Cafe Press doesn’t carry that style of shirt anymore. Boo on them. There were very good molasses spice cookies, deviled eggs, and cantaloupe and figs with a creamy basil dipping sauce. Cameron wasn’t happy with the sauce.

On Saturday, I went over to the East Bay and hung out with Lydia, Zack, and Kim. Kim is one half of the musical group Ramen and Rice, a violin-cello duo that perform at anime conventions. They are adorable and incredibly nice. Much fun was had, much shopping was done, and I learned that Lydia puts more cream cheese on her bagel than ANY OTHER HUMAN ALIVE. Seriously. I thought my brother used a lot. She put him to shame.

I rushed back over to the peninsula to get ready for Bud and Eddie’s party. I wore shiny pants. Oh, Bud and Eddie’s parties. I am so glad you only happen a few times a year. Oh, the overindulgence. There were big pots full of bright green and yellow mixed drinks. The yellow was very alchoholic. The green was a little too sweet, in my opinion. The food was appropriately Budandeddie. Baked figs with cheese and walnuts. Bruschetta with a variety of toppings. A potato and shrimp thing on crackers. Mini empanada-like things. Rye bread and blue cheese towers. Spinach dip. Cherry tomatoes stuffed with ricotta (which I think should have been goat cheese or feta cheese thinned out with cream- I just thought the tomatoes needed a bit more salt). Homemade chocolate ice cream with macaroons. Chocolate covered ginger, strawberries, and… something else. I’m sure I’m missing a lot of stuff. Anyway, much fun was had. Whee!

I am very excited for the corn season. We’re just entering it now. I can’t wait to attempt blowing up my house again!

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