Last night I made scrounge pasta. Basically, what I did was see what I had that might fit together well, and threw it on some spaghetti. I had one sausage, some green onions, garlic, bread crumbs, parmesan cheese, and eggs. So I took the sausage out of its casing, browned it, cooked the onions and garlic in its fat, then combined it with the hot pasta (not thoroughly drained) and a beaten egg (the heat of the pasta and water would cook it enough), then stirred in some parmesan and bread crumbs. Oh, and added salt, pepper, and a little nutmeg. The nutmeg was a good idea. It was goodish. I mean, I ate it. If I were to make something similar in the future, I’d use a pasta shape, not a strand. It’s always interesting to see what you can make out of what you have sitting in your fridge/pantry.

I finished Ryan’s fruitcake on Monday. Yes, the fruitcake that she gave me for Christmas. It was still good in the sense that it hadn’t spoiled, and it was still GOOD in the sense that Ryan makes a stupendous fruitcake. Now I’m sad it’s gone.

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