I finally moved the microwave from my car to atop my refrigerator. I was able to get it hooked up- the problem was not that the socket had been painted over, but that it was only a two-pronged socket. Luckily, I had a couple adaptors that I had bought for my old apartment, so that’s all good. Yay! Now I can make popcorn. And defrost stuff if I haven’t thought about doing it enough in advance for the counter or refrigerator to work.

I’m going over to Lydia’s tonight. I’m bringing the rest of my zucchini bread (there’s about half of it left), along with some munchy-type things I didn’t make. And possibly the gingersnap cookies that are in Jon and Ryan’s freezer (if I feel like stopping at their house on the way to the East Bay- probably a 30% chance of that happening). Lydia has promised drink concoctions. She’s having a clothing exchange thingy with some friends. The other lasses are bringing clothes and fabric, but not me. My donation to this shindig is food, because ain’t no way I would ever, EVER fit into her clothes. And mine would fall off of her.

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