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Have you seen these shoes for sale in the Bay Area? Please let me know if you have. I am looking for them in a size nine or ten. They used to sell them at the Park ‘N Save in Redwood City, but they’re out of stock and are entirely unhelpful in letting me know if they’re ever getting any more. Gr! They’re cheap as all get out- probably found in an “around a dollar” type store. I have a pair in red for my Kuro costume. Yes, I need another pair. In yellow. Yes, I’m the lamest being alive.

In other, less lame news, I had a wonderful dinner tonight with my parents. Dad made lamb chops, and Mom made these adorable wee potatoes and brussel sprouts. I had forgotten just how excellent brussel sprouts are. I am looking forward to when they come back into season.

Oh yes, and my non-functioning and dangerous wall heater was replaced on Thursday. Now I won’t have to choose between freezing this winter and being exploded by a natural gas leak! I can be warm and safe. Huzzah. Now I just need to get my super back in here to paint the wall. It looks ugly.

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