On Saturday, I’m going to the Fall Fest with Lydia and Zack. I’m looking forward to gorging myself. Mm, gluttony.

I’m going to be cooking a bunch of Indian food this weekend. For her birthday present, Ryan has asked for a bunch of lunches she can take to work. Sunday will be spent cooking, then.

I bought new rechargeable batteries for my camera (because I was a moron and threw my old ones out), only to find that my charger no longer works. ARGH. (And yes, I bought the correct type of batteries to use in it.) Now I have to go back to Target and buy a new one. Annoying!

We Love Katamari SPOILER!

Holy crap! I rolled up the King of All Cosmos! Now I just have to replay that level, get even bigger (or at least as big), and roll up the Queen. In case you want to compare scores, my Big Bang was 3582m 41cm 3mm. Edited to add that on Friday night, I did roll up the Queen of All Cosmos! But I didn’t break my record. Poo.

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