Oh, what a satisfactory binge. I met up with Lydia and Zack in San Francisco for FallFest. We ate and drank rather a lot. The whole thing was four hours long, so our schedule was:

12:00-1:00pm Eat and drink
1:00-2:00pm Sit and talk because you ate and drank too much during the first hour
2:00-3:00pm Having regained both sobriety and appetite, eat and drink again
3:00-4:00pm Sit and talk while Lydia regains sobriety (and saves our table), punctuated by Zack and Sarah making solo trips back to our favorite vendors for more food

My favorite food item was offered by Willi’s Wine Bar in Santa Rosa. They had this awesome lobster-bacon-corn soup. It was quite delicious. My favorite wine was probably the sauvignon blanc from Pepi Wineries, although my favorite winery was Roshambo. I also enjoyed some champagne from Gloria Ferrer. I’m not usually one for sparkling wines, but this was really tassty and didn’t give me a headache (the scourge of sparkling wines).

Let’s see… other food items that were good were a cold corn soup with basil oil from… somewhere, a panzanella made with truly excellent tomatoes from… somewhere else, another cold corn soup with a crouton spread with a goat cheese spread from Wente, a crab cake-puff with salad from… look, I’m not even going to try to remember things anymore, a sardine and tortilla crisp thing with a pepper relish, an apple brown betty, various chocolate thingies, chocolate-covered strawberries, watermelon stuffed with goat cheese, spicy pork pasta, various goat cheeses, and other things I can’t remember. I brought a notepad to take notes on what I was eating and drinking, but I was too busy eating and drinking to use it.

I have a beef with Grey Goose Vodka. So, it was nearing the end of the festival (there were like ten minutes left), and I decided that I was interested in getting one of the moxed drinks from GG for the road. I go up and start waiting in line, when the guy says that the bar is closed. I am disappointed and go sit back down with Lydia and Zack. Not a minute later, some other women go up and stand in line. And they get served! What the hell? Seriously, what the hell? I then got very angry and wanted to go talk to the guy, but I knew that me+anger+frustration=tears, so I didn’t. And now I’m blogging about it. Take that, Grey Goose!

After the Fest, we did some shopping. Jen had mentioned a while back that she loved the hair products at Lush. I’ve been looking for new products, so while Zack picked up We Love Katamari at EB Games, Lydia and I braved the overwhelming scents of Lush and bought some stuff. We both went with the Jungle conditioner- she has a lot of coarser hair, and I’ve got enough coarse hair to make me get a weird blond Jewfro on bad days. I went with the Blonde shampoo. I’ve forgotten what Lydia got. I tried it last night, and I like the shampoo, but the conditioner is too smelly. It makes me want to use Febreeze on my hair. Maybe I just used too much of it. My hair does feel nice, though.

I’m supposed to be cooking today, but I wore impractical shoes yesterday and my feet are paying the price. It hurts just walking over to the kitchen and getting a glass of water. Stupid shoes! You’re so cute and so painful!

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