Of the things I wanted to make over the weekend, I made three, plus one or two things that weren’t on the list. I roasted a chicken on Friday night, baked bread on Saturday morning, and made tortilla soup Saturday evening. Other things I made were the world’s most unspicy salsa (I am never buying chiles at that Safeway again) and some very gelatinous chicken stock. I made the stock for the potato-leek soup that never happened. Why? I couldn’t find leeks in the stores. I guess I need to go to Sigona’s to find them. Annoying.

So yeah, I’m sick. Have been since Sunday night. I hope I feel better tomorrow. I’ve already told Scott that I probably won’t be making it to D&D. I may put in an appearance at work for a couple of hours to get some stuff done (and to show everyone I’m not faking it).

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