So, the following recipe is one I made a while ago for Ryan’s birthday. She liked it and said it would be good with naan. I meant to make one more dish, an eggplant one, but the recipe doesn’t interest me anymore. I need to read through my books again.

I just finished making potato-leek soup. That is an awesome soup- and an easy one, to boot. Leeks must not be in season quite yet, because the ones at Sigona’s looked terrible. I supplemented my meager supply of them with some chopped onion. Tastes good.

If you’re in the area, Sigona’s was having some excellent sales today. Local white mushrooms for ninety-nine cents a pound. Some lovely camembert for $4.99 a pound (usually $11.99!). I bought some of each. The cheese will be good on my bread, and I’ll use the mushrooms in Jonsauce either later tonight (if I get myself to Trader Joe’s to pick up some basil), tomorrow morning, or Monday evening.

The family’s getting together on Tuesday night for dinner. My contribution will be cornbread. Oh, I need to go to TJ’s for stuff for that, too. Buttermilk and frozen corn. Ooh, buttermilk, that means I could make this again (but with chicken).

I’ve been reading The Inn at Little Washington Cookbook: A Consuming Passion (pardon me while I roll my eyes at that subtitle) the last couple of days. The Inn was where Aunt Peggy picked up that great soup recipe. It’s not in their cookbook, but a lot of other great-looking stuff is. Man, I have never wanted an ice cream maker, but the recipes in this book look so good, I’m tempted to run out and buy one (even though I have no place to store it). Mulled cider sorbet? I’m so there. A lot of the recipes in the book are way too complicated for making at home, however.

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