I am lacking drive this week. I’m feeling a lull. I have a bunch of recipes that I like, that I’m basically happy with. I don’t know what else there is I really want to make.

Sorry, pity party, table of one. I’ll get inspired soon. I’m sure of it.

Katamari cosplay stuff.
The website was updated with little comments by the King of All Cosmos:

“Hmm…big. The Prince and Kuro too. A bit too big? Getting a bit carried away? We know you want to grow up but stay tiny for a bit longer!”

“Romantic lighting and a cool pose. Nice mood…but big. Since when did you get so big?”

Oh, I found the best bowls today at a dollar store in Mountain View. Not only did they have excellent bowls for the normal Prince/cousin head, they actually had PERFECT bowls for Honey. If only I had found them first! Oh, well. If I ever need to make another Honey (yeah, right), I’ll know where to go. Still haven’t found the right yellow shoes. Gr.

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