I think I have Polar Hands. I’m not quite sure what kind of food they’d be useful in making. I’d say croissants, but Azuma didn’t have a problem making them with his Solar Hands in Yakitate!!

We almost lost Rob’s character, Billie (unfettered faen), last night. One sorcerous blast of fire and we were all feeling the hurt- I was the only one who made the reflex save. Yay, me. Still did nine points of damage, though. OW.

I’ve been busy. I haven’t spent an evening at home since last Friday, I think. Tonight I’ll probably relax with some pasta or soup (yay for my freezer being full of food) and clean off the ol’ Tivo. Or… maybe pork chops. I sent a recipe to Jer that I tried back in 2003 and loved, but he screwed it up (like, hardcore- I was impressed). I remember it being difficult, but rereading the recipe, it seems kind of simple. Pork chops, buttered noodles, and some sorta vegetable. Hey Jon/Ryan, you guys doing anything for dinner? Heh.

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