Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

I’m sure you’re all SO EXCITED to hear what we ate.

Turkey thighs with sausage stuffing
Garlic mashed potatoes
Creamed onions
Mashed rutabagas
Chipotle-maple-cream sweet potato thing
Apple-rutabaga soup
Death by Broccoli
Green bean casserole (J made this from scratch)
Crescent rolls (I made these… from a can)
Cranberry sauce
Indian pudding and vanilla ice cream

Mind you, this was for only four people. We kind of like to overdo it. My family gets together, and it’s sort of like this:

“Have you tried this? I’m so the best cook in the family.”
“Wow, that’s pretty bad-ass. But clearly, you’re wrong, I’m the better cook- eat this!”
“Well, that’s pretty awesome. I’m still better. Try THIS!”
“Holy crap, that’s good. No, meeeeeee! EATEATEAT.”

And then we all end up eating ridiculously well. Because seriously, we’re all pretty good.

I ate cheese for dinner last night. That was pretty awesome. I got some lovely goudas from Sigona’s. It makes me make inappropriate sounds, it’s so good.

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