I made baguettes… not really. I made my normal bread recipe, then shaped it into two long skinny loaves because I wanted to use my new pan. They turned out very tasty, but totally not baguette-ish. So I went to the library and picked up Baking Illustrated and Crumb & Crust to check out their techniques, information, and recipes. Sadly, they didn’t have Artisan Baking. J and Barbara May have that book. It’s really good.

Friday night- went out to dinner at Bangkok Bay with J, Barbara May, and Barbara Jo. Kind of disappointed by their duck special, but the tilapia special was mind-blowing. The eggplant, panang beef, and lemon mushroom soup were fantastic as always.

Saturday night – went out to dinner at Clarke’s with Jer and Cass. Had a tasty burger. Then we all went to see Match Point with Liz. Scarlett Johansson’s hair is fabulous in that movie and I want it. I think I maybe could pull it off. Maybe. Then I hung out with R☆ and Jer and we watched the first five episodes of Gunslinger Girl. Not really my kind of show.

Sunday night – Zack and Lydia came over, and we went out to Left Bank. Fondue? Excellent. Mussels? Tasty. Bisque? Disappointing! We should know better than to try new things there. If we go there again, it’s fondue-mussels-frites-STOP. Also, I think I ate a bad mussel or something, because I was prodigiously sick in their bathroom while we were waiting for our check. That was unpleasant. Then we went to Ikea and bought some stuff (and got hot dogs and frozen yogurt).

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