I hate phyllo dough. Sure, I didn’t make it myself, but working with the pre-made stuff… ugh. My back was KILLING me after making the samosas. All the bending and leaning over the dough to brush it with butter was ridiculous. About halfway through I stopped using the butter. They still turned out okay, so I included an option to use much less butter in the recipe.

I love Barbara May’s fruitcake. That stuff is amazing.

I still have recipes to post: a plain pie crust dough and the lamb-pine nut things I made. They were supposed to be some of the mixture in small little boats of dough, but I kind of liked them better as meatballs.

I’m reducing some ginger syrup right now. I’m planning on mixing it with club soda or sparkling water to make my own ginger ale. We’ll see how that works.

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