I’ve been freaking out a little bit over the last few days. I got a letter from my new landlord (our building was sold earlier this month) that said, “We will be entering your apartment on January 30 to exhibit the rental unit to prospective mortgagees.” So I spent the entire weekend cleaning and making my place look nice. I hope they are not going to pull an Ellis Act on the building and evict everyone. I’m really worried about that. I’ve only lived here for a half year, and I really like my place. I don’t want to have to find another one.

I am guessing I’ll find out tomorrow what’s happening.

Good times.

In lighter news, I’ve been trying out a new tea. Stash Fusion Green and White Tea. It was two dollars at Trader Joe’s. I have been pleased with my (small) investment. I like having teas at work that don’t need milk and sugar.

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