I had forgotten how much fun sixth level was. Dude, two attacks! It was pretty awesome. Unfortunately, we’re ending our time in the AU world for a while, so I won’t get to have the ceremony performed for my nifty new feat or my hawk animal companion until we pick things back up again.

We’re starting a new campaign, The Shackled City. This is an adventure that takes place in regular 3.5 D&D. It’s supposed to take us from first to twentieth level. Damn. That is going to be a LONG time. Jer’s DMing. We’re going to roll up characters next week. Rob’s pulling for us to be a party of clerics. I’m not entirely sure why, but I don’t really want to be one. I thought I’d try something new and go rogue. The hard thing about this is that rogues, with their mass of skills, are generally the ones to do a lot of actual RPing, not just “I hit it with my sword!” playing. I kind of suck at thinking in character, so hopefully this will push me to become a better player.

What’s this blog about? Food? Oh, yeah.

Um, we’re going to Fiesta del Mar Too for dinner. I haven’t been there in forever and a day. I need some adobo. And tons of their salsa. Yum.

We’ve been getting pizza and wings for D&D from Fast Pizza in Mountain View. Their wings are a little anemic, and the pizza crust is nothing to write home about, but damn, they have some nice sausage! Big chunks (not the rabbit-poo variety) and a hit of fennel. I love fennel. They’re decently priced and relatively fast, so I’d recommend them if you’re in the area.

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