Until I start cooking again, it’s restaurant reviews for you!

I went out with the MV crowd (well, there were only four of us this time) to Tsunami Sushi last night. We tried to go to Tomi, but it was too damn crowded. If you’ve ever walked along Castro Street in Mountain View and looked in the windows, Tsunami is the restaurant that has Finding Nemo on an endless loop.

Decor: Very nice. They’ve got a tatami room in the back for larger parties.

Service: Good. Drinks weren’t refilled with any speed, but the food came out quickly. They gave us free dessert (tempura bananas). One of our water glasses was cracked, but it was replaced quickly. We ordered agedashi tofu “for the table,” and it came out with three pieces, which caused annoying division of tofu blocks with chopsticks.

Food: Pretty decent. The miso was good but nothing special. Jer said the pickles in the seaweed salad were good. The salmon was really tasty, the snapper and eel less so. And hey, free dessert (which came in four pieces, so they did notice eventually).

Price: Too high, in my opinion.

Conclusion: Probably wouldn’t go there again. But on a Monday night, when Sono is closed, Tomi is full, and you don’t feel like driving to one of the other million sushi places in Mountain View, it works.

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