Oy, I really have to start cooking again! I’ve been going out to dinner too damn much. Or skipping dinner in favor of some popcorn. I’m lacking inspiration, sadly.

The family got together on Saturday night to go to Nora’s Cafe for some French bistro fare. Their steak frites is excellent. J, Barbara May, and I got it with the pepper sauce, while Mom opted for a bernaise sauce (which she said was good but only room temperature). Dad got mussels, which he and I thought were a little overdone. Oh, and the fries weren’t hot enough, which was sad, because they had a really nice flavor. Although the pate on the charcuterie plate was good, I wasn’t terribly impressed by the rest of the meats. However, the green salads that accompanied everything were really good. Very flavorful arugula and the like. Barbara May got some French onion soup (over there, I hear they just call it “onion soup”), but I didn’t try it. I hope it was good.

The desserts were kind of a mixed bag, too. I got the very disappointing Fraise, which didn’t actually have any strawberries at all, just an overly sweet gel.  J and Barbara May got profiteroles, which were tough. Mom got Rhum, which was rum raisin ice cream (her favorite) with whipped cream and what seemed like a fifth of rum in it. Seriously, this was über-boozy. If I were to get dessert there again, I’d get the Norvegienne, which is vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, and Grand Marnier. I was debating between that and the Fraise, and I totally made the wrong choice.

However, the excellent steaks and yummy salads really helped to make up for the shortcomings in the rest of the meal. I would go there again, but I’d just order more carefully.

I went over to Jer’s yesterday to watch the Super Bowl. And by “watch the Super Bowl,” I mean “sit on the couch and play Dawn of Sorrow on Jer’s DS while he watches the game.” A couple hours after it was over, I had to ask Jer who won. I really was not paying attention at all. We got takeout phô. It was decent.

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