Last night I finally started setting up the kitchen a little bit. I unpacked my dishes, glasses, and favorite pots and pans (my awesome crepe/omelette pan, cast iron skillet and French oven, and a medium sized pot good for boiling one to two servings of pasta). I’m trying to go light on the pots and pans, because even though our kitchen is nice, we still don’t have a ton of space.

Which means that for the moment, the pantry is in the garage. I filled up a shelving unit with cans and the like. If there’s enough room in the kitchen once everything’s in place, I’ll move it indoors, but for now, well, at least it’s out of boxes.

My microwave is way too big for this house. That’s kind of okay, since I did get it for free. Zed’s is small, but it’s also old (ie. a rotary dial).

I haven’t found all my favorite cookbooks yet (so many, many boxes). I’m trying to cut down on the mount of space I’ll be monopolizing on the bookcases downstairs. It’s hard! I unpacked a bunch of books about food/cooking last night and am debating whether to bring them in or not.

Last night R☆ and I went out to collect restaurant hours for the new website. R☆ runs mv-hours (server currently down because of the move), which is a big listing of all the places in downtown Mountain View that have food. Now that we’ve moved to Cupertino, he’s started up cu-hours. There’s not much there yet. We still have a lot of data to collect. We haven’t found many non-chain restaurants yet, which is kind of sad.

Tomorrow, I’m going up to the city. There’s a nerd convention (otherwise known as Anime Overdose) and then dinner at Trader Vic’s with a bunch of friends.

Ysabel‘s in Wyoming. She’s got two or three days left. I’m super-glad my move only consisted of fifteen miles, not across the entire damn country.

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