Kiddo’s birthday party was yesterday, and it was great fun. Barbara May and her family had made a ridiculous cake, as usual. 🙂 It was a tall cake, with four faces, and it rotated so that you could pair up different heads, bodies, and legs in the manner of a children’s book.

I brought along my bean dip and liptauer, as well as some syrup for drinks that didn’t get used because I couldn’t find club soda at Target. I didn’t really have high hopes for it, anyway.

Last weekend, my roommates went to Dave and Buster’s, an arcade/bar/restaurant thing. They got a lot of tickets on the machines and exchanged them for a large plush Batman figure, which they then gave to me. I noticed that Batman was just about the same height as my American Girl dolls (even though his head is tiny in comparison). And that discovery led to Batman attending a tea party. Hurray!

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