Mother’s Day was on Sunday, and as has come to be expected, J and I made brunch for the moms. J made French toast and a strawberry/balsamic salad, and I made quiche.  Kiddo  didn’t seem to like it, but everybody else did. I used a prepackaged crust- the horror! It was an organic, whole-wheat crust I got from Whole Foods. And it came in a pan. I’m so lazy. But honestly, my crust skills would not pay any bills (no matter how tiny). Quiche is really easy apart from the crust!

I also made a failure this weekend. While looking at quiche recipes in an old edition of The Joy of Cooking, there was on the same page a recipe for “Nut, Bread, and Cheese Loaf.” (I think that was the name.) I had all the ingredients, and it looked pretty simple. It looked like it’d be meatloaf sans meat. (Wheatloaf?) Anyway, it tasted all right, but the texture and the overall look of the whole thing was disgusting. I attempted to cut it into slices, but it fell apart, and I was left with an unappetizing tan/grey pile. It kind of looked like I had thrown up on the plate and was attempting to eat it again. Lovely thought, isn’t it? I threw it out yesterday, after trying to eat it for lunch.

Good times. D&D tonight.

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