It’s pathetic when all I have to offer is drinks, isn’t it? Well, I’ll have a new recipe after this weekend. Mother’s Day brunch and all that, you know. The Gin Daisy I tried last Sunday. I was flipping through Jer’s copy of the Williams-Sonoma Bar Guide, looking for something we had all the ingredients for. This seemed simple. It’s quite nice. Stronger than I thought it would be.

R☆ and I were at Target, and we saw some wine cooler-type things made with chai tea. We thought that was kind of a good idea, but that we could make it better (and chepaer). We made the Irish Chai last night. It’s perhaps not quite as thick as it should be- R☆ suggested that maybe the milk should be frothed. That would probably work, but it adds extra complications for those of us who don’t have one of those little frothy wand things.

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