I made four pounds of spiced nuts last night during D&D for our company holiday potluck. It turned out that four pounds is more than I thought. I had them in a large Pyrex bowl, but it was overflowing. So I grabbed my big ol’ cast iron French oven (not a Dutch oven, heavens no, Le Creuset wouldn’t want to sully their name so) and mixed them up in there. I used a pound each of pecans, almonds, cashews, and walnuts. It’s basically the Peppered Pecans recipe made without the butter, and using the “coat in egg white and liquid then drain for five minutes before baking” method I got from the Orange-Cardamom Spiced Nuts. So they’re very crunchy, which was the only problem I had with the Pecans recipe.

The party is tomorrow. My coworkers better like them!

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