Blogtober and NaBlogWriMo

You may have noticed that I have been posting more frequently lately. In an attempt to rekindle my love of blogging, I’ve been making myself write a thing every day in October and November—or, as I’ve taken to calling them, Blogtober and NaBlogWriMo*. It is my hope that once these two months are up, I will continue blogging at a reasonable pace. Maybe make myself a schedule, two or three entries a week. Even one a week would be better than the months I used to go between posts.

It’s been a fun challenge. I find myself cooking a lot more than I used to, and what’s more, I’m making new things instead of relying entirely on my cache of tried-and-true recipes. Unfortunately, if I haven’t made anything new (or if it didn’t turn out particularly well), it can be hard to think up a topic. I’ve written about my travels and my garden, and I’ll probably talk about perfume again at some point since I got more samples in the mail. I haven’t quite gotten desperate enough to write about soap I like, but it’s probably coming.

In terms of housekeeping here at Braisin’ Hussy HQ, I’ve still got to go back and categorize all my old posts as well as complete and organize the recipe index. Plus I need to look through my files to find a decent header photo instead of relying on the stock one that came with the layout.

*Yes yes, NaNoWriMo is a 50,000 word challenge. I’m not doing that. It was just a goofy name to extend the experiment to two months.

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