Pacifica Tuscan Blood Orange

A while back, I was making a Sephora order and needed something small to get me up to free shipping. At the time, Pacifica was getting discontinued, so I was able to pick up a travel bottle of their blood orange body wash for like $3. The first time I opened it up in the shower I basically wanted to eat the soap. It smells so amazingly orangey.

Fast forward five years or so, I have tried several products in their blood orange line, and the body wash and body butter are my favorites. The spray perfume I use occasionally, but it doesn’t last very long and it’s somehow missing the mouthwatering aspect that is very present in the wash and lotion. The bar soap I don’t really like, it leaves my skin feeling somewhat uncomfortable. (I think it may be that glycerin soaps just don’t agree with me.)

Pacifica currently has a gift set featuring full-size tubes of my two favorite products for $20. It’s really nice stuff. I highly recommend it if you are a fan of citrus.

(Haha, the dreaded soap post strikes! I wanted to write about my family’s creamed onion recipe, but the only photos I have are are terrible—they’re from 2012, taken on my old-old phone. I’ll have to wait until Thanksgiving to take new ones.)

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