Blogtober 2016

Well, another October has rolled around in another year where I’ve been just awful about writing. I haven’t written anything since my layout broke back in April. So I thought I’d give the ol’ Blogtober challenge another try. I went back and read through my entries from last year. Obviously it’s not great writing, but there’s some fun stuff in there. I probably won’t extend it into November this time, since I’m going to the East Coast mid-month for a combined wedding and Thanksgiving trip. I won’t have my laptop with me and I am not a fan of typing on a tablet.

I am currently MASSIVELY jetlagged from a trip to Amsterdam. I was there for two weeks, just got back on the 29th. I decided to try and tackle the jetlag this year by leaning in and just going with it. Sleep when I’m sleepy and be awake when I’m awake. Of course, that has meant that today I slept from 3pm to 8pm. Last night I woke up at 11:30pm and made a curry at 2am. It’s been a wild ride. I’ll probably go back to bed as soon as I post this.

(It was this curry, btw. Over the summer I froze leftover buttermilk and then forgot I had it in storage so I bought more. So I have far too much in the freezer. I am slowly working my way through the backlog. I think I have about four cups left. Thing is, frozen buttermilk tends to separate, so the resulting curries have been a little less than superlative in texture. They’re still tasty, but I wouldn’t serve them to a guest. More for me!)

Unlike last year, I haven’t really thought about this ahead of time, so I don’t have a list of topics already planned out. I’ve gone on two trips to Europe this year (Italy in March, the Netherlands in September), so those will hopefully yield decent content. I may just be reposting my Instagram photos and providing more backstory. I guess what I’m saying is that there may be more soap-quality posts this year.

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