Well, poo. I didn’t get the job.

I made the ambrosia corn again yesterday. I was able to get the full forty minutes at 525. While it’s very good, I’m not sure I agree with having my oven on that hot during the summer. I think the grill would work nearly as well.

I’m bereft of family and friends this weekend. Again, poo. But I have plans. Ish. I’m going to make salsa today. Over the weekend I’m going to move a bunch of files off my parents’ computer. And clean my house. I’m very keen on trying some things in The Best Recipe. And the masochist in me wants to make something semi-homade. Just to see if my rancor is justified. I mean, there are a million people who watch her show.  They can’t ALL be watching it for the snark value (however wonderful that would be).  I will try a recipe and let you all know how horrible it is.

(By the way, that’s not a typo. I like to pronounce it “hoe-mah-day.”)

Oh dear.  I see I forgot to give credit a while back to Ryan’s mom, Rose, for the Hummus No. 2 recipe.  I’m sorry!  I don’t mean to be such a ditz.

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