Yes, I made salsa and hummus AGAIN.

I made the Hummus No. 1 recipe again.  The only thing I changed was that I followed the directions this time and didn’t tweak anything.  Rob told me that Val told him I should just follow the recipe.  So I did.  No extra garlic, no extra lemon juice, and I used plain ol’ ground cumin, nothing fancy.  It’s still pretty good. 

Salsa No. 4 is very lazy.  I modified the recipe from Here in America’s Test Kitchen, the companion to the second season of the show.  I made it, and man alive, did it need heat!  The original recipe calls for half a jalapeno.  I ended up adding another jalapeno, a serrano, and a chipotle pepper to it.  I was trying hard to get a texture this time, so I didn’t want to pulse it too much after the tomatoes were added.  I was using the “Petit cut” rather than the regular dice, (not a wise decision), so I had to be careful not to puree it.  This was difficult when I kept adding new things.  It turned out… not terrible.  A little on the sweet side.  I could have used fresh tomatoes, but they gave the option of a can, and I was feeling very lazy today. 

I don’t know why I buy serranos and jalapenos.  I guess I just like the notion of mixing up peppers and such.  Seriously, if you’re making these, I wouldn’t sweat the peppers too much.  If you buy just jalapenos, it’s cool.  I’m just a freak.

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