Happy Christmas afterglow. I am so tired of eating. We tend to go a bit overboard with the food at the holidays- make too much, eat too much. My appetite has been temporarily exhausted.

After we had finished opening gifts, Jon said, “You know, some people get married.” I got a lovely Kitchenaid stand mixer and a Cuisinart food processor (an epicurean Pentium). And a pizza stone! I can’t wait to use them. However, that will have to wait for tomorrow, for today I am taking people to the airport, doing laundry at Jon’s, and playing video games.

One of my favorite clues this year was (I hope I’m remembering this right) “The sounds that started World War I.” I guessed Franz Ferdinand, and I was right, but that was only half of it. It was The Killers of Franz Ferdinand. So I got two CDs. I love clues. Even though I’m usually way dumb at them.

It’s raining. I’m very glad. My nose and hands were getting far too dry. Some moisture in the air is a good thing.

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