Argh, the comments are being wonky again. You know how they get, it’s like one post in twenty that starts acting up, either not being able to be read in Mozilla or IE. Anyway, here are the comments for the March third post. I don’t know why it’s saying that I have negative thirteen comments. Or perhaps that’s absolute value negative thirteen.

It is such a mess when fat is spattering all over the kitchen. Even with a spatter guard you can count on a mess. One product that works pretty well on the grease is Fantastic(k?) spray.
My response
When I was stirring the not-cracklings, I had to lift off the spatter guard, and I got grease all over myself (I love aprons). Also, I burned myself twice. In the same place.

Mary Beth
Thanks for taking on FN and the Semi-Homemade travesty! My reviews of several recipes (which I did make, and didn’t just slam the host) were also scrubbed some time ago. I included better alternatives from other FN shows, which may just be why they were scrubbed…
My response
Oh, it really annoyed me when all her reviews jumped from two to five-stars. People need to be informed that her recipes are bad, bad, BAD. Your thought about how your reviews were deleted because you advocated alternatives is an optimistic idea, but I don’t have that kind of faith in the Food Network. (And thanks for the shout-out on the TWoP forums!)

ooh, which job? good luck with that 🙂 and how’s the scarf coming along?
My response
It’s a receptionist position at Stanford. And the building it’s in is right next door to where Ryan and Jer work. That’d be keen. I will need to look up how to start a new ball o’ yarn later today. The scarf’s at about three feet.

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